Who We Are

quienes_somos The Center for Research and Popular Education/Peace Program (CINEP/PPP) is a non-profit foundation that promotes social change under the orientation of the Society of Jesus in Colombia. It works toward the construction of a more just, democratic, and peaceful society, giving priority to men and women who have suffered exclusion and to victims. In order to achieve this objective, it generates alternatives for peace-building, integrated human development, enforcement of rights, and expansion of democracy through research projects, production of information, education, supporting social processes, advocacy, and communication.

For close to four decades, the work carried out by CINEP/PPP has provided an alternative, critical view of Colombian reality, grounded in the systematic production of information, reflections based on rigorous research, proposals for popular education aimed at strengthening the social fabric and organization, and advocacy in the public sphere.

Mission: We are committed to life and to working toward a just, sustainable, and peaceful society.

Vision: As a social center oriented by the Society of Jesus, in the year 2020, we will have developed proposals for region- and nation-building, aimed at the protection and promotion of life, human rights, sustainable development, and peace.

Because its research contributes significantly to the analysis of the country and to the consolidation of the social sciences in Latin America, CINEP/PPP has become the training center for many of the social managers and researchers working in Colombian universities or NGOs. Furthermore, its varied pedagogical experiences and presence in different regions has allowed CINEP/PPP to propose alternatives for political, economic, and social inclusion, because its actions and critical and proactive thought arise from an ethical stance that is firmly grounded in the human.

In this context, CINEP/PPP has managed to consolidate proposals and visibilize issues associated with the armed conflict, State-building, peace, development, social struggles, and the protection of integrated human rights, in the regional, national, and international scenarios.

CINEP/PPP has an administrative and management platform that operates with credibility and transparency in providing support and facilitating the full development of its actions. The fact that it was one of the first NGOs to obtain the 2008 ICONTEC ISO 9001 in August of 2010 reflects the strengthening of its management and the quality of its processes.


• We cultivate inner strength as that which makes us complete human beings.
• We recognize and respect the life, dignity, differences, and capacities of each individual human being. 
• We build solidarity and organization amidst diversity.
• We work with passion, commitment, responsibility, transparency, professionalism, and efficacy.
• We generate integrated, creative, and lasting proposals suited to the nation’s reality. 
• We are committed to a lasting peace that makes the prevalence of integrated Human Rights and democracy a reality.
• We give priority to those that have suffered exclusion and to the victims from a gender perspective.

Main Processes

In order to fulfill its mission and vision, CINEP/PPP carries out work in the following areas analisis_regional_small_final

Analysis and understanding of local, regional, national, and international dynamics
  • Systematization of peacebuilding processes, enforcement of rights, reconciliation, and solidarity
  • Social research: historical, structural, situational, prospective, and proposal-oriented


CINEP/PPP uses three main strategies in its work:

Basesdedatos2Postal_small_finalResearch and production of information

CINEP/PPP’s research strategy makes it possible to produce scientific knowledge regarding social processes (peace, conflict, integrated human rights, land, State, development, and social movements) through analysis, understanding, and systematization of regional, national, and international dynamics.

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