construccion_de_paz_y_desarrollo_web4The Peacebuilding and Development Program seeks a constructive transformation of conflicts and the strengthening of regional development alternatives as expressions of a new culture of peace in Colombia. The Program considers that achieving a new understanding of conflicts through research and the generation of educational and support processes is the correct path to proposing alternatives for peace that lead to the transformation of the regions and the country toward integrated, politically inclusive, economically equitable human development, in harmony with nature and culturally rooted in our population’s most profound ethical values.  

In this perspective, the program seeks to create or strengthen spaces where the different private and public social actors can positively overcome peace and development conflicts through analytical dialogue and the respectful negotiation of differences. Thus, it seeks to generate concrete local and regional projects in response to the social, political, and economic porblems that the nation has faced throughout its history. montaje_libros_construccion_de_paz3

The basis of the Program is the accumulated work, advances, and challenges posed by the three work topics that CINEP/Program for Peace has developed over its four decades of existence:  first, the research line in political violence, State-building, and economic development; second, research on peace initiatives and the processes carried out by society as a whole, as well as on dialogues and negotiations between the State, governments, and illegal armed groups; and, third, the construction of regional and territorial peace and development processes in the departments of Chocó and Norte de Santander, and in the eastern Mountains of  Bogotá.

The Program includes the following projects:

Research for Peacebuilding and Development
Citizen Education for Peace and Development
Assistance for Peace, Development, and the Strengthening of Citizenship in the Department of Chocó
Citizenship for Coexistence and Peacebuilding and Development Alternatives in Bogotá
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