memoria_ddhh_y_luchas_sociales_web2The Memory, Human Rights, and Social Struggles project feeds and purges the databases on human rights, social struggles, and land dispossession associated with the armed conflict, megaprojects, and/or mining exploitation, and analyzes the social conflicts related to methods of victimization and other causes of social conflicts.  On the basis of these activities, the project provides tools so that social and victims organizations can carry out rights enforcement actions, and contributes to inscribing the subaltern history of the victims in the national collective memory.  

This project is supported by the long experience in information gathering, research, and support to social organizations of the Social Movements, and the School for Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (DHESC) teams.

Thus, the Project seeks to generate a more permanent dialogue among these efforts aimed at building perspectives that respond to the contemporary social dynamics, thanks to the production of information and the analysis of human rights violations, land dispossession, and social struggles, on the basis of three lines of action:

Social Movements
Lands and Territories
Human Rights and Political Violence Database

Social movements

movimientos_sociales_principal2The Social Movements project has two main activities. On the one hand, it follows up on the social mobilization trends in Colombia, according to their spatiotemporal location, demands, leading organizations and participants, protest repertoires, adversaries, responses and achievements, on the basis of the social struggles database. On the other hand, it carries out a reflection on the dynamics of social movements in the country and their relation to the State and other social actors, using an interdisciplinary approach (History, Cultural Studies, Sociology, and Anthropology).


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