Does Cerrejón Always Win? Between corporate impunity for human rights violations and the search for comprehensive reparation in times of transition


The purpose of this report is to denounce the continuous violation of human rights caused by the extractive activity of Glencore, a Swiss company that has had a growing control over El Cerrejón: since 1995 it owned the central area of the mine, from 2002 until 2021 it owned a third part of the operation and, since 2021, it is the total owner of the mine, with an action characterized by socio-environmental injustice and corporate impunity, which has condemned La Guajira to sacrifice. Likewise, this report warns about the risk of an eventual exit of Glencore from the coal market in Colombia, without complying with its historical obligations with the communities and without carrying out a comprehensive reparation, as it has already done in its mines in the department of Cesar.

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