Negotiation with the ELN. Analysis of the Second Cycle: Chocó Region

In this second report of the negotiating table with the ELN, the progress and main issues agreed upon by the delegations on the negotiating agenda are analyzed, which takes up previous points agreed upon during the Santos government. Likewise, regional analyses are initiated on the presence of this armed group in different regions of the country, in this case, in the department of Chocó.

With the announcement of the negotiating agenda, we are in a situation where everything is yet to be built. From Cinep/PPP, we focus on two issues: participation and humanitarian issues. The recommendation made to the table is not to duplicate efforts. Building peace is a challenge for the State and its institutions, but in this case, there are mechanisms, legal and self-managed by the communities that, if used from now on, would accelerate the materialization of what is agreed upon at the table and give it greater legitimacy.

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