Negotiation with the ELN. Key insights towards the Second Round of Peace Talks in Mexico

This report is the beginning of a series of documents that we at Cinep/Programa por la paz want to contribute as analytical inputs to the negotiations between the Colombian government and the National Liberation Army (ELN). These inputs aim to provide a monthly summary of the negotiations, the reactions in the regions where the ELN is present, and some timely recommendations. All of this is in pursuit of a common goal: to strengthen the search for a negotiated solution to the conflict, recognizing the territorial needs for peacebuilding.

The document is a synthesis of the general panorama between the start of negotiations and the second cycle that begins on February 13th. It is also important to point out the general context of total peace in which the negotiating table is framed, as well as some general readings on the particularities of the ELN as a guerrilla group.

In the future, the reports will present regional and thematic readings, in addition to a compilation of the progress and challenges that may occur in this cycle.

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