Social Protest in Colombia: A History, 1958-1990

Social Protests in Colombia: A History, 1958–1990 examines social mobilization in Colombia through a variety of lenses in an interdisciplinary approach. Mauricio Archila Neira incorporates theories from diverse social sciences, including subaltern studies and postcolonial approaches, to open up an intergenerational dialogue about political transformation and social change. This book argues that academia bears the responsibility to put into play its accumulated symbolic capital to critically understand society, without abandoning the utopic effort to imagine another world is possible. Social Protests in Colombia teaches readers how to inhabit differences —of historical experiences, knowledge, and understandings— and why it is crucial to challenge a world that claims to be homogenous. Scholars of Latin American studies, sociology, political science, and history will find this book especially useful.

Translated by Camilo Ordoñez-Zambrano. Foreword by A. Ricardo López-Pedreros.